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News Contacts
Dr. Kecskés Egon Zsolt Dr. Kecskés Egon Zsolt – Chief Executive Officer
Egon has been working since 1996 in the financial industry holding different positions on management level. He holds a BBA degree from the Cambridge Business College Hungary and a degree in law from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Egon started his career as a CFO of HBI-AIMS Ltd. working on the financial planning of different IT projects of the company. Between 1997 and 1999, as a managing director of Medicine Exchange, he was responsible for the structuring and development of a complex financial and administrative system of pharmacy chains. As an acknowledgement of the high added value, the company was successfully sold to Novodata Ltd. In 2005 he actively took part in the privatization of ÁNTSZ Laboratórium Ltd and the elaboration of the related investment structure. Following the privatization, as a head of reorganization, he successfully transformed the company into well performing health service provider with a stabile annual revenue over HUF 2 Billion. In 2010 he was actively involved in the exit of the company to a professional investor. Since 2010 Egon has been working on several real estate development projects.
Dr. Makra Zsolt Dr. Makra Zsolt – Investment Director
Zsolt graduated as economist and chartered accountant at the University of Szeged. He also holds a PhD degree in informal venture capital from the University of Pécs. He started his professional career in the financial industry, as a coordinator of regional development programs at VÁTI. Since 2005, he gained various experience in venture capital investments at the Small Business Development Company Ltd. At INNOSTART, Zsolt worked as a business development manager. He established and chaired the first Hungarian Business Angel Network where he worked on several capital raising as a consultant. From 2010 he worked as investment director, later as managing director at Docler Investments where he was responsible for the management of venture capital investments and acquisitions of the company group. From 2013 he was chief executive manager at AYUDATE Investment Group and led the M&A department of the holding company. Zsolt is one of the most acknowledged experts of the Hungarian venture capital market, author of several books and articles on venture capital. He was also visiting professor of the University of Szeged and senior research fellow at International Business School. He was directly involved in more than 30 venture capital investments and acquisitions in the past eight years.