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MEDinnovest Ltd.

MEDinnovest Ltd, established in 2014, integrates paediatric healthcare services, offering of clinical trials and medical device development. Accordingly, a major function of the group is the provision of private clinical and outpatient healthcare, i.e. traditional healthcare services by the 50-year-old Svábhegyi Pediatric Medical Service utilizing mixed (private and governmental) financing. Svábhegyi Pediatric Medical Service also has significant market experience in the area of clinical pharmacological services. As a CRO group member Auxiliis offers high added value clinical trial services for international clients. A third, progressive, area is medical device development in close connection with the former two functions.
The main object of AJH Growth Fund’s investment is to accelerate the international expansion of Auxiliis, specialized in pediatric clinical trials, by opening offices in Holland and in the United States.

Med Innovest


Pannon Tyre Recycling Ltd.

Established in 2014, Pannon Tyre Recycling Ltd. specializes in a pyrolysis-based, efficient processing of waste rubber at industrial scales. The technology, based on a decade-long effort of Hungarian researchers and protected by international patent, is capable of reprocessing waste rubber efficiently in an environment-friendly way by decomposing it to valuable basic materials for the energy and related industries. The main objective of AJH Growth Venture Capital Fund’s investment is to increase the capacity of the pilot factory in Balatonfűzfő (in operation at present) to 5000 tons/year and to ensure economic waste-rubber processing.

Pannon Tyre Recycling Zrt.


WorkForms Ltd.

WorkForms Ltd. was established in 2012 with the purpose of realizing information technology developments. With the investment of AJH Growth Venture Capital Fund, the company will develop a technology in the frame of a project, titled OCT (Offside Call Technology), capable of forecasting offside positions on football matches reliably in real time, and thus aiding referees in making their decisions. WorkForms Ltd. partners for development and sales activities with ChyronHego, a Sweden-US based large company, which provides major football leagues with real-time data as well as graphic display solutions on a large scale.

Med Innovest


Ariza Ltd.

Ariza Ltd. was established in 2015 for the development and sales of fermented wheat-germ derivatives, produced in a patented process, for human and veterinary medical applications. The Company’s exclusive production partner is Biopharma Ltd., which, due to a change in their strategy, will focus on the manufacturing of curative products alone. Biopharma Ltd. ensures exclusive sales and utilization rights on their complete product portfolio for Ariza Ltd. Presently, this portfolio includes two groups of products: Avemar, developed for human application; and Immunove, developed for veterinary application. Optimization and development of present-day market positions are the objectives of the Company, together with a more focused emphasis on international market expansion.  Besides, with a newly developed product, the Company would like to enter the market of inflamed-bowel-disease treatments. The aim of AJH Growth Venture Capital Fund’s investment is to purchase exclusive sales rights and to finance business development.



Electronic Parking System-Integrator Ltd.

The aim of the enterprise is to develop and manufacture innovative, multifunctional, public-place electronic devices. In the short run the objective is to develop a multifunctional, outdoor parking device on the basis of a conception, called ‘mult-e-parking’, elaborated by the chief developers at the company, which, according to the plans, will be ready for production and distribution in the very near future. Parallel to the realization of ‘mult-e-parking’, preparations for the development of further public-place, integrated electronic devices will take place, e.g. ticketing terminals, mobile and fixed chargers for parking lots, harbors, and for street- and home usage. Every device group is backed by innovative approaches characterized by a wide range of functions, the development of novel products as well as the adaptation and integration of the latest technical solutions available.