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The fund focuses primary on high growth potential, innovative small and medium size enterprises established in the last five years, with an annual income less than HUF 5 Billion and their headquarter outside of Central Hungarian region. Our clear goal is to finance expansion-stage businesses where the proper product validated by significant market demand is associated with adequate professional knowledge and highly motivated management and where the added value from the experience and business network of the fund’s owner and management can be maximized.
We primarily look for already established companies that have sufficient track record and an adequate, stable annual sales revenue over 100 million HUF and where the capital raised directly accelerate the growth of the company. In addition, we take into consideration to finance also innovative firms that already successfully entered the market and the additional financial sources will support the international expansion rather than product development and the cogency of growth plans is not simply the matter of belief.

Summary of our investment policy:

Industry focus: generalist, with special focus on health industry (health services, biotechnology, medical devices) and environment industry (renewable energy, waste management). Excluded sectors: agriculture, shipbuilding industry, financial services, commercial real estate development, coal and steel industry.
Investment size:                    100 – 850 M HUF
Preferred ownership:            25-75%
Preferred stages:                    growth phase and early growth phase
Geographical focus:               Hungary (except Central-Hungary)
Holding period:                      3-7 years