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Alliance Jura-Hongrie Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. (AJH) has been established in July 2013 with the clear mission to become a leading player of the Hungarian venture capital market in short term. The owner of the company is Alliance Jura-Hongrie Holding S.A., a privately held company registered in Switzerland. AJH has been registered by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority on 26th July 2013. The professional track record, references and the outstanding experience in venture capital investments of AJH’s team were clearly reflected by winning the JEREMIE III venture capital tender.

Company info:

Registered name:       Alliance Jura-Hongrie Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd.
Company seat:       Meder str. 8, Budapest, H-1138
Company registration number:       01-10-047735
Place of registration:       Budapest-Capital Regional Court
Date of registration:       18. April 2013
Tax number:       24319931-2-41
Operation license number:       H-EN-III-47/2013.
Auditor:       Kódex-Kontroll Könyvvizsgáló, Gazdasági- és Adótanácsadó Kft/p>

The first fund raised by AJH was registered by the Hungarian National Bank on 11. April 2014. The total registered capital of AJH Growth Capital Fund is HUF 4.286 Million from which HUF 1.286 Million is derived from the sole private investor of the fund (Alliance Jura-Hongrie Holding S.A.), while the remaining HUF 3.000 Million is provided by European Regional Development Fund and the Hungarian Goverment. Duration of the fund is 8 years, investment period ends up 31st December 2015 until that investment decisions will reach upto 80% of the total registered capital.

Fund info:

Registered name:       AJH Growth Capital Fund
Registered capital:       HUF 4,286,000,000
Tax number:       18597802-1-41
Date of registration:       11. April 2014
Registration number:       6122-38